About me

Healing and spirituality has been knocking on my door from a young age in many forms. From being drawn to the healing energy and beauty of crystals as a child, which fill my home and adorn my rituals today, to participating in an inipi sweat lodge with Shamans at 16yrs. That awakened a resonance to shamanism and the ongoing study, awe and practice of it. Receiving Reiki healing as a teenager started an interest in energy healing, leading to my own training and being blessed with my Level I and II Reiki attunements at 19 yrs. I continue on the lightworkers path, being guided to learn, grow, awaken and share.

Sound Healing introduced itself to me as an adult, through my own personal healing practice and exploration of meditation and ceremony. My first Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath was at a Healing Festival in the UK during a beautiful summer. The pure crystal sonic vibrations carried through every cell in my body, taking me beautifully to a state of deep peace and it was love at first bath. The healing power of sound is profound and beautiful. Sharing it is a gift and an honour. 

Beautiful galaxy and cluster of stars in

"Drink from the well of your self and begin again"


London, UK & International

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